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Spanish + Dance Course

Spanish + Dance Course

Dance, like language, is an important form of communication. Spain, and above all, Andalucía (the cradle of Flamenco), is at the forefront of the world-wide fascination with Latin and Mediterranean dance rhythms.

Malaca Instituto has, for many years, offered the chance to its students to participate in dance classes as a part of the activities programme.

In the last few years the school has added an excellent dance studio which has a wooden dance floor, full air-conditioning, a practice bar and mirror.

Designed for students at all levels of interest and ability, this programme offers the perfect opportunity to learn, improve, and practice dance skills while improving their Spanish language skills.

Sample Course Schedule

Spanish + Dance Course Schedule
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
08:30-09:20 General Spanish classes
09:20-09:30 Break (10 minutes)
09:30-10:20 General Spanish classes
10:20-10:30 Break (10 minutes)
10:30-11:20 General Spanish classes
11:20-11:40 Break (20 minutes)
11:40-12:30 General Spanish classes
12:30- Lunch Break and Siesta
14:00- Salsa or Sevilla Dance lessons (as chosen)
14:00 - 16:00 or 16:00 - 18:00


  • You need to check the dates to see on which dates the school offers Salsa and on which dates the school offers ?Sevillanas?. On certain dates it is also possible to combine 2 courses and make a 4 week programme including both styles of dance.
  • For those of you who are not sure about these dance forms, ?Sevillanas? is one of the most popular dance forms of Flamenco and Salsa comes from Central and South America and is especially popular in Cuba.
  • If you prefer a less intensive programme of dance classes you can also participate in the lesson the school continue to offer one or twice a week as part of the Activities programme.
  • If you wish to study dance at a higher level, please ask the for information or consult the dance teacher while you are here. Dance schools exist in Málaga at both a leisure and professional level.