Malaca Instituto - Spanish Language School in Malaga

Intensive Spanish Course - 20 or 26 lessons per week

Intensive Spanish Course


The standard general Spanish course, provided at all levels from complete beginner to upwards. (levels).

This course is designed to enable you to rapidly improve your ability to communicate in general Spanish.

It covers all aspects of the Spanish language at your level. As you progress to higher levels, elements of Spanish culture and general knowledge about Spain are introduced as appropriate.

The course is for 20 or 26 lessons per week with an extra 1-2 hours of integrated homework to help consolidate and reinforce the day?s work.

Course Requirements

The Intensive Spanish Course is available to participants of all proficiency levels.

Starting Dates

Intensive course starts every two weeks.

Lessons per week

The Intensive Spanish Course offers 20 or 26 lessons per week.

Course Period

Students can take this course between 2 weeks and one year. After successfully completing the course, participants will receive a detailed certificate.

Participants per Class

There is an average of 7-8 participants per class, at no time, however, more than 10 students.