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Business Spanish Course

Business Spanish Course

The Business Spanish Course is designed for anyone who needs to speak Spanish in a very short time and for business or professional purposes.

Malaca Instituto offers 2 types of business programmes.

At the Business Spanish Course 1, you will learn to develop your communicative abilities for the business world in this course.

At the Business Spanish Course 2, you will learn to develop skills in specific field, such as management, trade, finance, product development, etc.

Business Spanish - Programme Type 1

  • Personal Introductions
  • Product Presentations
  • Describing a company
  • Participating in meetings:
    • taking notes
    • making interruptions
    • giving an opinion
  • Social Situations
  • Specialised materials introduced by consensus and when appropriate

Business Spanish - Programme Type 2

  • Human Resources
  • Trade fairs and conferences
  • Buying and Selling
  • Market Research
  • Analysis of a new product