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About Malaga

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Málaga is currently the most popular destination in Spain for studying Spanish. Located on the southern, Mediterranean, coast of Spain it benefits from the famously moderate "Mediterranean climate" and all the cultural heritage and influences (history, architecture, music, dance, gastronomy, etc.) of the many different peoples of the region.

It is these influences from another continent and culture that create what many visitors describe as the “passion and mystery” of Andalucía and which make it such an interesting and exciting place for your language studies.


  • The Mediterranean climate of hot dry summers and mild, fairly dry winters, provides a perfect environment for relaxation and study.
  • In the summer (July, August and September) the temperature is generally in the upper 20s and lower 30s. It rarely, if ever, goes above 35ºC.
  • In the winter months you will probably need a jacket in the evening and sometimes during the day. At other times of the year a pullover is normally sufficient.
  • While Málaga itself never has snow, you can go snow-skiing just 1½ hours away by car in the Sierra Nevada. This makes Málaga one of the few privileged places in the world where you can ski in the morning and sun-bathe in the afternoon (at certain times of the year!)


Club Hispánico - executive room
  • Art: As the birthplace of Picasso, Málaga will shortly house the Picasso Museum. There are several other important permanent and temporary exhibitions of modern and traditional art.
  • Flamenco: Andalucia is the home of Flamenco and you can go to a Flamenco show or see spontaneous music and dancing in the streets and bars of Málaga.
  • Other music: The classical music enthusiast can attend operas and orchestral concerts in the Cervantes Theatre.
  • Rock and pop concerts are held frequently in the Bull Ring, in the Cervantes Theatre and at other venues.


  • In Málaga you will find a Mediterranean lifestyle: long lunches, late nights, friendly, easy to-meet people - Andalucians live life to the full making the most of their beaches, climate, restaurants and music.
  • You will find that the local people eat out a lot in the beach front restaurants, frequent the many bars and clubs to be found in the city and are very friendly, spontaneous and easy going.
  • The sports enthusiast will also not be disappointed with everything from snow-skiing to tennis, golf and jogging being well catered for.


Club Hispánico - executive room
  • Hundreds of wine bars, tapas bars and “chiringuitos” (beach front fish restaurants) help to retain Málaga’s totally Spanish atmosphere and flavour.
  • Andalucía is famous in particular for its fish and seafood, olives and olive oil, almonds (both in desserts and sauces) and the renowned “Mediterranean diet” in general.
  • Whether you shop for yourself in the bustling markets or supermarkets and then cook for friends in your apartment, or you eat out in a restaurant, you will find that Málaga is not an expensive place and that your Euros go much further here than in most other parts of Europe and other parts of Spain.

    ¡Buen provecho!