Malaca Instituto - Spanish Language School in Malaga

About Malaca Instituto

Malaca Instituto, has over 30 years experience in teaching Spanish to overseas students, in creating its own teaching materials and developing its teaching philosophy.

Academic approach

Class size

The small class size (max. 6 on Mini-Group, max. 10 on others) ensures that the students receive the maximum amount of teacher attention and the maximum chance to speak.


All teachers are University graduates or must have comparable experience. All are native speakers, well-trained in our teaching approach and how to exploit the school materials. Malaca Instituto selects only enthusiastic and interesting people and most stay with us for many years.

Teaching Materials

For all except the highest levels, Malaca Instituto produces its own textbooks and other teaching materials which reflect its teaching philosophy. A team of experienced teachers help develop these materials and train the teachers in how to best use them.

School Facilities

Learning a language is not just a question of attending classes and allowing the teacher to teach you. The level of active participation that you make both in the classroom sessions and afterwards is crucial to the progress you will make.

The mini-campus of Malaca Instituto and Club HispŠnico makes it very easy for you to continue studying after class by providing excellent self-access study facilities on-site.

This mini-campus includes the following facilities to enable you to get the maximum benefit from your studies:

  • 25 classrooms with air-conditioning
  • Multimedia Study Centre
  • Reference library
  • Computer lab
  • Swimming pool
  • Cinema
  • Dance Studio
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • 110-bedroom residence (Club HispŠnico)

School Location